The Short version.

    Joe and I (Maria) moved to Houston in February of 2012. After a long weekend visit which we spent in The Woodlands in January of 2012, we decided to make a move, very spur of the moment. After returning from our visit, it only took a few days to decide to move. Eight days later, Joe packed his car armed with his chef knives, coats and bare necessities looking forward to a 3 day journey to Texas. We came down with no family ties, but with our families, no distance can keep us apart. So with their blessing, we were determined to make it work, and we did. I met Joe down here a month later with our dogs and a few belongings.

     Joe worked downtown as executive chef with the Mandola family on West Dallas Street, Up Restaurant in Highland Village and finally at Mo's "A Place for Steak" in The Galleria. I had been to Old Town Spring many times and have always brought visiting friends for an afternoon visit. All of my friends and family from home that came down to visit would say to me, "this is the cutest town, you guys should do something here."  And so we did, and here we are.

      My family's business growing up was the restaurant business. My dad had many restaurants through the years and he had to figured it out along the way, and did it well. I'm Greek and Joe is Italian. He started out working in a pizzeria at 14 years old and he has been in food-service, at many different levels since then. He was born into a typical food obsessed Italian family. They make their own wine, cheese, jarred tomatoes, pickled eggplant and more. It was inevitable that Joe would take the path that he did by working around food every day. Joe Graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, and began his career in New York city.

There's much more to our story, come in and we'll tell you the rest.


- Maria